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"My night time  routine with Millionaire Beauty..."

Katie Baker - Southampton, UK

Skin Type - Acne Prone

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Night time routine

My skincare night time routine is the most important part of my day. At night your skin is given the chance to recover and repair from the day. My skin type is ‘acne prone’ which makes it even more vital to ensure my skin is clean and has all the necessary products to recover from spots and acne scarring. Using Millionaire Beauty optimizes the repairing process at night.

First product - Millionaire Makeup Remover

The first product I go in with is the Millionaire Makeup Remover, this product gets rid of any makeup, dirt and pollution off my face from the day. I am a super busy person so having a product that gets rid of all the day's stress in one go is ideal for my lifestyle. 

Second product - Millionaire Melting Magic

The next step is to go in with Millionaire Melting Magic, this gently exfoliates your skin which is great for getting rid of dead skin cells and again that built up dirt and grime from the day. This product also works hand in hand with the third step of my night time routine.   

Third product - retinol MAX

Thirdly I use retinol MAX. It's the perfect product for me and my skin type. The retinol really helps to get rid of my previous acne scarring by breaking down the dead skin and helping the skin renewal process. This product has changed my skin dramatically and has really helped build my confidence when it comes to not wearing makeup. 

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