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Do you think I'm sexy?

So - I started by asking Google what makes a woman sexy. I was interested to find out what points of view were out there because I'm pretty sure that 'sexy' is an emotional rather than a physical thing.

And sure enough, what I quickly realised was that #1 is CONFIDENCE. Without a shadow of a doubt, a confident woman is sexy.

"Being sexy is all about attitude, not body type. It’s a state of mind." Amisha Patel

But it's more than that too - it's kindness, it's a smile, or a twinkle in the eye ... it's paying someone else a compliment ... it's a lot of other things that add up to something that you can't quite put your finger on, and you definitely can't put a price on.

Here's what I found:

"A smile is so sexy, yet so warm. When someone genuinely smiles at you, it’s the greatest feeling in the world." Mandy Moore

  • Smile - it lights up your face and makes other people feel special. We can't all be 'alive with pleasure' all the time, but a smile from a stranger can make someone's day.

  • Be confident – but self-assured, not arrogant or conceited. Just be happy in who you are and show it in the way you carry yourself.

  • Respect yourself and others - show kindness to people. It's a very attractive quality.

  • Pay compliments - even to people you don't know. Tell a stranger on a train you love her dress, or her hair - it'll make you feel as good as she does. Accept compliments too - don't shrug them off or say 'don't be silly' - if someone pays you a genuine compliment accept it in good heart and spirit.

  • Surround yourself with good friends - and laugh a lot. There's nothing more beautiful than a genuine belly laugh.

  • Have ambition and passion - find something you love to do and enjoy it. It's amazing to listen to someone who really cares about an activity, a hobby, a charity. It shines through in everything they say.

  • Embrace who you are - be happy with yourself and try and see the positives in life. It's not always easy but as well as making you more attractive to others, it'll make you more contented too.

So there we are - it's definitely more about who we are than how we look. Which means there's hope for all of us. Phew!

"Carrying yourself with poise and joy and peace within - that's sexy." Leah LaBelle
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