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Is ‘pH balanced’ just a marketing gimmick?

The short answer is no.

pH is a real indicator of how acidic or alkaline something is (it stands for ‘potential of hydrogen’) and it’s measured on a scale of 0 (most acidic) and 14 (most alkaline).

7 is completely pH neutral – like water.

Our skin is at its best when it’s balanced between acidity and alkalinity. Its ideal pH level is 5.5 – this is ever so slightly acidic and keeps the skin’s barrier healthy and active against toxins and bacteria.

Why should we care?

Well, because if our skin is too alkaline, it can dry out, feel sensitive and look wrinkly. If it’s too acidic, it can become red and irritated, often itchy too.

So, it’s important that we use skin care products with the right pH. Products that are too acidic or alkaline affect the permeability of our skin. And this can leave it sensitive to infections and acne, which is formed when the skin’s pH level is between 6 and 6.5. It can also speed up the ageing process.

Look out for warning signs of dry patches, redness, eczema and fine lines – these can all be indicators that your pH levels are out.

What can affect our pH levels?

  • Age – because as we get older, our skin becomes more alkaline.

  • Excessive sun exposure – can damage the skin’s protective layer.

  • Diet – what we eat is also important. An excess of caffeine, alcohol, sugar and yeast can all cause a build up of acid.

  • Harsh cleansers, water that’s too hot and too much scrubbing can all strip skin of its protective barrier.

You can restore your skin to the right pH level by using pH balanced skin products.

Gentle moisturisers and oils with just the right pH balance will keep your skin hydrated and help to rebuild its protective layer.

All Millionaire products are carefully created to be pH neutral

As well as helping your skin restore its natural balance, one of the main benefits of pH neutral products is that they won’t battle with each other or cancel out the benefits of other products – they’re simply gentle and effective at protecting, hydrating, moisturising and cleansing.

Which products should I use to restore my pH balance?

  • Our Millionaire Super Vitamin C range – Vitamin C is a brilliant antioxidant, helping to balance pH levels and protect the skin from environmental damage and stress.

  • Millionaire Super Nova – this soothing oil contains jojoba, geranium and lavender to repair and hydrate.

  • The Peptide Pro 3-step range – peptides encourage the skin to produce more collagen and collagen helps to keep our pH levels balanced.

To find out more about skin types and the ingredients we use, head to our FAQs.

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