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Let’s make a fuss of our mums!

Mums and motherhood have been celebrated throughout history – the ancient Greeks and Romans both held festivals in honour of their ‘mother goddesses’ and Mothering Sunday was an early Christian festival.

Now Mothers’ Day is approaching

And it’s time to say a big ‘thank you’ to our mums, step mums, surrogate mums, grandmothers, aunties who’ve been there for us, new mums, mums-to-be, mums who’ve done their jobs and whose kids have grown up and left home (like, are you serious? Your job never finishes – I’m afraid it’s for life)!

So buy them something gorgeous, tell them you love them and hold them close. They won’t be around for ever but while they’re here, we should treat them like the special women they are!

Is your mum as unique as mine?

All mums are different – they can be funny, quirky and sometimes pretty amazing.

At 81, my mum still tells me to wash my hands before I’m about to eat. And what does my 51 year old self do? I tell her ‘I’m an adult now’ while sounding like the worst sullen teenager on the planet. She looks at me like I’m 11, shrugs her shoulders and carries on watching her Asian TV show.

She forgets where she’s put her glasses, yet knows to the last penny how much she has in her purse.

She remembers exactly who gave what and how much at each of her kids’ weddings (and how much she gave in return).

She makes the best Indian pickles – but beans on toast is the only English meal she cooks.

She pretends not to understand English, but she knew when I was arranging to meet my friends as a teenager.

She’s managed to work in a factory, run a shop, negotiate prices with builders – oh, and she laid a lawn single-handedly once too!

She has a secret bank account and a stash of gold sitting in a bank vault. No one knows how much there is or where she got it from – in fact we only found out about it because the bank wrote to her telling her they were going to move her boxes somewhere more secure!

She thinks she’s the most beautiful woman in the room and commands everyone’s attention.

She doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor – she judges you for you.

She’s hilariously funny and tells very naughty jokes.

If you go to her house, you'll have to take your shoes off, sit on her best sofa in the front room and prepare to be plied with food and interrogated!

So, to my super intelligent, witty, funny mum – I love you.

And a very happy Mothers’ Day to yours.

Jas xx

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