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Summer skin tips 2019

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

Summer's here (well, practically) and the sun can take its toll on skin. Avoid sun damage, keep moisturised and hydrated - and treat yourself to our new super boosters, designed to reduce dark patches, pigmentation and under eye circles, lifting, boosting and recharging.

Look after your skin!

Rejuvenate your complexion, unclog pores, boost collagen and accelerate new cell turnover with my power couple - MAX and Magic. Use at night time to actively reduce dark patches and acne scarring and brighten uneven skin tone. retinol MAX stimulates skin from the lower layers up, breaking down pigmentation and fading dark spots and patches.

Protect yourself from the sun

Millionaire City Defence contains lashings of Vitamin C, a natural skin brightener that also defends skin from the harmful effects of the sun and reduces sun damage. It gently exfoliates, reducing pollution build-up and rich Aloe Vera and organic coconut oil nourishes and repairs.

Keep hydrated

Drink plenty of water of course, but use Millionaire Super Nova regularly to nourish, moisturise and repair. Contains Chromabright to actively brighten dull skin, lift dark circles and uneven dark patches, and reduce age spots. Use a little under the eyes, or rub into the palms before applying all over.

Boost your skin

Our trio of super boosters are small enough for your handbag, powerful enough to deliver fast, visible results. Together they target pigmentation and uneven skin tone, reduce dark blemishes and fade out fine lines and wrinkles. They tighten and smooth, actively brighten, replenish and moisturise and give your skin a healthy glow.

Take a look at the full range of Millionaire Beauty UK-made skincare products - there's something for all skin types.

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