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Who has time for a facial every day?

Not many of us have - unless, unless... If only there were an easy way to have a facial in your own home.

Well, now there is. Simply create your own personalised mini-facial using Millionaire products.

All of my skincare products are pH neutral

That means they help your skin restore its natural balance, and they won’t battle with each other or cancel each other out. You can use all of them together without any problems - they're just gentle and effective at protecting, hydrating, moisturising and cleansing.

So, you can cleanse, apply a mask or serum, use Max and Magic together, then finish with my thick and creamy Daily Moisturiser & Eye Cream. Or, exfoliate, use retinol MAX to renew and refresh, then apply Rebalancing Skin Serum to repair and hydrate.

Here are some ideas - or just create your own and let me know what it is. If I love your suggestion, I'll send you two free face masks - scroll down for details!

Facial 1

  1. Cleanse thoroughly with Skin Glow Face Wash

  2. Exfoliate using Melting Magic. Its gentle AHA fruit acids break down pigmentation and reduce scarring and fine lines

  3. Apply a lovely layer of retinol MAX - with 1% retinol it stimulates the cells, pumps up the collagen and rejuvenates!

  4. Finish with a thick layer of Daily Moisturiser & Eye Cream - apply, rub in, apply more, rub in

  5. Lie back and relax - go on, let it really soak into your skin.....

Facial 2

  1. Cleanse thoroughly with Skin Glow Face Wash

  2. Exfoliate with Peptide Pro Perfect Glow Skin Polish - it resurfaces, exfoliates and brightens

  3. Dollop on some Sol Shine Super Booster - with Vitamin C, it boosts, brightens and gives skin a glow

  4. Finish with a thick layer of City Defence Vitamin C Moisturiser - it repairs, restructures and moisturises

  5. Lie back and relax....

Facial 3

  1. Cleanse with Skin Glow Face Wash

  2. Use Melting Magic to shed the dead skin cells

  3. Apply a lovely thick layer of Azure Prime Super Booster - it contains Spilanthes Acmella flower extract, a South African plant that smooths the surface of the skin

  4. Moisturise with a thick layer of Peptide Pro Daily Moisturiser & Eye Cream

  5. For extra indulgence, add in a few drops of Super Nova skin brightening oil - it's a powerful blend of pure botanical oils and vitamins and it's rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids

  6. Lie back and relax....

Do you have any ideas for your own mini-facial? I'd love to hear your ideal combination of Millionaire products.

Email me at and tell me why it works for you. The ones I love the most will get two free face masks - Golden Glow with Rose Quartz to tone and give you a glow, and Millionaire Red Clay Mask which draws out impurities and leaves skin soft and smooth.


Jas xx

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