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Why is my skin so dry?

When skin is dry, it can feel dehydrated, rough and flaky

Dry skin can be caused by damage from the elements, the wind or the sun, or from using products with ingredients that are simply too harsh for us.

Soaps and cleansers can also dry skin out - you can combat this with a hydrating serum or good facial oil.

Are you exfoliating enough?

Exfoliating is super important - and it's just as important for dry skin as it is for oily skin.

It sloughs off the dead skin cells which otherwise form a layer of dull, dry skin. You need to exfoliate regularly because it only sheds the top layer of skin cells, and these are continually replaced.

Serums are concentrated bursts of ingredients

Facial serums are designed to absorb quickly and penetrate deeply. They can be used to treat a number of skin issues, such as dryness, fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots or uneven skin tone.

Choose a good moisturiser and use it daily

Moisturising maintains the elasticity and flexibility of the skin's upper layers, helping it to replenish and act as a barrier.

My 3-step approach to dry skin - with replenishing peptides

My Peptide Pro 3-Step range exfoliates, hydrates and moisturises. Peptides are excellent for all types of skin because they stimulate new collagen and help to replenish and rehydrate.

  1. Perfect Glow Skin Polish - a creamy exfoliator that resurfaces, brightens and lifts, gently removing dull, dry skin cells

  2. Rebalancing Skin Serum - an intensive burst of ingredients that brightens the complexion and leaves it glowing

  3. Daily Moisturiser and Eye Cream - a rich, creamy moisturiser that hydrates, plumps and smooths away fine lines.

Try my peptide range daily and feel the difference. If you don't already regularly exfoliate, use Perfect Glow sparingly to start with to see how your skin reacts.

And for a touch of brightening, hydrating luxury, use a few drops of Millionaire Super Nova whenever your skin feels dry. It's rich in antioxidants and moisturises beautifully - perfect for even the driest of skin.

All our skincare products are UK-made and completely natural. We’ve developed many of them to target specific skincare issues like acne, scarring and pigmentation.

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