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Minimises dark circles and repairs skin damage

The ingredients in our dark circles range help to reduce and repair skin damage, remove impurities and brighten the skin, leaving it with an improved glowing appearance.


Millionaire Super Nova

Contains Chromabright, an advanced concealer and brightener that improves the appearance of dark circles. Also helps to reduce age spots and pigmentation, lifting and firming the skin for a smoother appearance. Dot around the eyes before using Lip and Eye Rescue.


Lip and Eye Rescue

An intensely concentrated conditioner and moisturiser that naturally brightens dark circles. Reduces under eye puffiness and fine lines, making skin look smoother. Perfect for lips too!


Millionaire City Defence Moisturiser

Vitamin C defends and brightens the skin, eliminating impurities and repairing skin damage caused by pollution and the sun. This gentle moisturiser energises, rejuvenates and leaves skin glowing and radiant.



Dark Circles Bundle - reduces and repairs skin damage

£82.00 Regular Price
£69.70Sale Price
  • Minimise dark circles with skin brighteners and antioxidants. Our range has niacinamide to repair damage and hyaluronic acid to plump skin and reduce shadows. Millionaire Super Nova contains Chromabright, a super effective brightener and concealer!

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