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The best anti-bacterial acne treatment - with medical grade Azelaic Acid

Millionaire Flawless Corrective Serum contains Azelaic Acid – a clinically proven miracle acne reducer that was once only available on prescription.


Azelaic Acid improves skin brightness by inhibiting tyrosinase, one of the main causes of pigmentation and it's an unbeatable acne saviour, helping to treat the symptoms of acne and reduce redness and rosacea.


A gentle, everyday facial serum - use it as a mask at night, dab on individual spots to soothe and vanish, or apply as a skin toner in the morning

Flawless Corrective Serum is suitable for all skin types, but super powerful in the fight against spots, acne and breakouts. It's anti-bacterial, moisturising and brightening, improving and evening out skin tone to give a smoother look.


Regular use can result in skin that's up to 6x brighter in just 21 days!


Why don't you take the 21 day glow challenge?

Your skin will look noticeably brighter after using my Flawless Corrective Serum daily for three weeks - it's a promise!


Flawless Corrective Serum contains anti-ageing retinol

Retinol helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, but it also boosts collagen production, unclogs pores and speeds cell turnover. All of these help to visibly reduce acne, acne scarring and pigmentation problems.


Gives a dewy fresh-faced look - just like you had a facial!

  • Reduces hyperpigmentation
  • Brightens skin and evens out skin tone
  • Moisturises and improves elasticity
  • Antioxidant and anti-bacterial - helps prevent spots and breakouts
  • Refines pores and removes blackheads
  • Reduces the production of keratin, a protein that can block pores and lead  to acne.


This fantastic anti-bacterial acne treatment is new to Millionaire Beauty for 2019.
All our skincare products are UK-made and completely natural. We’ve developed many of them to target specific skincare issues like acne, scarring and pigmentation.

Flawless Corrective Serum - treats and soothes spots and acne, reduces redness

  • This isn't just an acne treatment - it's a GLOW serum!


    Your skin will look noticeably brighter in just 21 days. And that's a promise!


    With medical grade Azelaic Acid, my Flawless Corrective Serum is a miracle treatment for acne, spots and breakouts. But it's also a gorgeous toner that smells of sherbert and gives skin a real ZING!


    Use it in the mornings as a toner to wake up your skin, even out skin tone, smooth out those open pores and reduce blackheads. It'll set you up for the whole day.


    I wanted to create a good acne treatment for a long time and this one is so simple. I use it whenever I have spot coming. I just dab it on and leave it and it actually calms the skin and stops the spot from erupting, Use it in conjunction with some of my other acne products and your spots will reduce and dark marks and scarring will lessen.


    Azelaic Acid and Retinol help to reduce redness, scarring and pigmentation, they actively brighten the skin and reduce the production of keratin, one of the main causes of blocked pores that can lead to acne.


    I've taken a gentle approach as the last thing you need is anything that will aggravate your skin - that can just cause more problems!


    Honestly - it'll look like you've just had a facial!


    Jas xx



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