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Reveal younger, fresher skin with our pigmentation range

Gentle exfoliators, powerful antioxidants and rich nourishing oils – our pigmentation range has been created to reduce skin damage, minimise uneven skin tone and protect from pollution and outside stressors.


Perfect Glow Skin Polish

Exfoliation is key to reducing blemishes and allowing nutrients to penetrate. Perfect Glow Skin Polish resurfaces the skin and cleanses away impurities leaving skin softer and firmer.


Millionaire Melting Magic

Natural AHAs target acne scarring and pigmentation leaving skin visibly brighter and clearer. Reduces age spots and dark circles and boosts your skin’s own collagen levels.


Millionaire Super Nova

Give your skin a powerful burst of goodness. Contains Chromabright, botanical oils and antioxidants that all help to improve the appearance of age spots and pigmentation. Boosts collagen levels to lift and firm the skin.


Millionaire City Defence Moisturiser

Vitamin C defends and brightens, eliminating impurities and repairing damage caused by pollution and the sun. This gentle moisturiser energises, rejuvenates and leaves skin glowing and radiant.

Hyperpigmentation Bundle - reduces pigmentation for younger, fresher skin

£132.00 Regular Price
£105.60Sale Price
  • Gentle exfoliation, products that contain AHA fruit acids and skin brighteners like Vitamin C help to minimise pigmentation and prevent further skin damage. Our pigmentation range has been specially formulated to even out skin tone!

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