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Peptides - the most exciting ingredients in skin care!

Peptides stimulate our skin to produce more collagen and collagen is what keeps us looking younger and firmer.


They're fragments of proteins - and proteins are the building blocks of skin. Without these proteins, skin can break down, losing its firm texture and becoming saggy and lined.


The Millionaire Peptide Pro 3-step range contains peptides but also antioxidants, skin replenishers and other supercharged ingredients.

Peptide Pro improves skin tone, leaving it smoother and brighter

Our Millionaire Peptide Pro skincare range works to improve the skin's natural texture, leaving it smooth, glowing and plump. Each step works in synergy yet targets specific areas of the skin. 

Millionaire Peptide Pro 3-Step Range (Dry Skin) - hydrates and moisturises

£90.00 Regular Price
£72.00Sale Price
  • If one skincare product or ingredient did everything, it would be a super product! In fact, we often need more than one to target different areas and issues and this is where my Peptide Pro 3-step range works wonders.


    Peptides actually tell our skin to generate more collagen which is what gives us a fresher, more youthful appearance - they're amazing.


    Step 1 - Perfect Glow Skin Polish: The absolute basic start to any skincare routine is exfoliation. 


    Step 2 - Rebalancing Skin Serum: This serum is the superfood in the trio. It has the highest concentrated ingredients and uses a targeted action as it absorbs deeper into the layers of the skin.


    Step 3 - Daily Moisturiser and Eye Cream: This super creamy moisturiser locks in hydration and smooths out fine lines, picking up where my Rebalancing Skin Serum stops.


    Jas x


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