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Exfoliates and renews skin for a younger, brighter appearance.

Designed to gently renew your skin's natural texture making it toned, youthful and brighter, Millionaire Peptide Pro Rebalancing Skin Serum is a natural exfoliating liquid gel that gently sloughs away dead skin cells.


This is the superfood in our Peptide Pro range - and it's packed full of ingredients that leave your skin dewy and glowing. Peptides stimulate our skin to produce more collagen - they're little skin care wonders.


Peptide Pro Rebalancing Skin Serum:

  • Hydrates and improves skin tone
  • Targets fine lines and wrinkles
  • Brightens the complexion and boosts firmness
  • Leaves skin soft
  • Lifts and firms
  • Removes dead skin cells.

Peptide Pro Rebalancing Skin Serum - renews, hydrates and boosts firmness

£30.00 Regular Price
£27.00Sale Price
  • Rebalancing Skin Serum is skin's answer to superfood. It has the highest level of concentrated ingredients in the Peptide Pro 3-step range and targets problem areas as the smooth serum is absorbed deep into the layers of your skin.


    Peptides are some of the most exciting ingredients in skincare today. They hydrate and firm the skin, stimulate the skin to produce new collagen, and strengthen keratin and elastin. They can improve suppleness and enhance the skin's natural texture.

    Jas x

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