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"What would I do without these products...?"

Sodis A - London, UK

Skin Type - Normal Skin

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My every day heaven with Millionaire Beauty:

Millie...that's what I call these products!

They are my pamper time, me time... away from it all, and I really feel like i'm using products that are giving me a glow! I have freckles and normal skin but my skin game was terrible. 

I used to just wash with water (that's it - don't judge me!) and now I use all of Millionaire Beauty products and even my sisters have noticed the difference in my skin. They didn't believe me it's all because of Millie, but they do now that they are hooked on it too!


Millionaire Super Nova


I use this on my face and on my eyebrows right at the end before I go to bed. It smells delicious and I feel fab the next day. You can even mix it with a little foundation if you want!

Millionaire Melting Magic


Ooooh mama! I cannot do without this so I'm begging Millionaire Beauty to never stop making it! Honestly, you don't know you need it 'til you use it, it's as simple as that.


Azure Prime 


This is my light primer that I use, the little blue gel just sinks into my skin and I'm in heaven!

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