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"A game changer for my eczema and dry skin..."

Somee Malik - London, UK

Skin Type - Eczema/Dry/Sensitive Skin

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Products for Eczema/Very Dry Sensitive Skin:

Due to having eczema the chances of finding beauty brands and skincare products that don’t irritate or damage my skin further is an almost impossible task!

Most products have nasty ingredients that do not agree with eczema-prone skin; it is a real struggle to find products that don’t upset my skin further. When trying Millionaire Beauty I was amazed at how it has changed the appearance of my skin without any further damage. 

The first product I tried was Super Nova Skin Brightening. With eczema, hydration and brightening are the main points I look for when it comes to skincare - Super Nova ticks all the boxes. My skin felt so hydrated and glowy from just a few drops, with no irritation! Complete skin saver product! 

My other go to products are the Millionaire Peptide Pro 3-Step Range. These products are perfect for sensitive and dry skin: they gently exfoliate, hydrate and smooth the surface of your skin. I would highly recommend this brand and these products for dry/sensitive and eczema-prone skin.


Can’t wait to see what Millionaire Beauty has planned for the future. 

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