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"A saviour for my sensitive skin..."

Uzmah Choudhary - Manchester, UK

Skin Type - Sensitive / Oily Skin

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A saviour for my sensitive skin!

I have very sensitive, oily, scarred skin and trying anything new can make my skin flare up (so I'm very wary of new products). I remember having heard of Millionaire when I tried her Hair Mist, which smelt amazing and I used it with my hair oil. When they brought out the skincare regime I was intrigued and tried the peptide range. The moisturiser was a little thick however it sank into my skin and didn't leave a film whatsoever!

I know that Jas uses very few nasty ingredients that merely coat the skin - these I could actually feel working! I used this as a night cream and in the winter when my skin was dehydrated due to indoor heating. I regularly keep up date with Millionaire on social as Jas is a font of knowledge and will give many tips and insights on all things skin related. She has really helped improved my skin over time and even my beautician commented on the improvement. So from a fussy skincare addict, I honestly thank you Millionaire Beauty!

The products I have used in my routine:

Millionaire City Defence:


I use this every day and night under my make up and I know the high quality of the Vitamin C is good for brightening and helping to fade my acne scars.

Millionaire Melting Magic:


OMG! This little gold serum is a fabulous chemical exfoliator that I use at night. I noticed a change in my marks after only a few weeks. It's a great primer if you're going to a party (your make up will not budge)!


Flawless Corrector:


If you do not use anything else then this has to be the one to buy. It's great for acne skin and it stops the spots from exploding! It's also a little glow tonic that I use day and night, I LOVE it! 

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